Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services to those who are at risk-due to the Coronavirus. We will run errands whether that be to the grocery store, convenience store, hardware store, etc. We want to help at risk demographics get the supplies they need without putting themselves at greater risk.

Most importantly, we want to provide this service free of charge. All you need to do is cover the cost of your order.

Here is how it works:

Email us your order at dmvcoronarelief@gmail.com and we will purchase your order and send a photo of your receipt. Upon payment, we will deliver your order to your door, after sanitizing it.

We will take these precautions to ensure you are not put at risk:

  1. We will wear the appropriate PPE
  2. We will sanitize all products before delivery
  3. We will leave any product at the door
  4. All transactions will be done via Venmo so there will be no personal contact.

If you would like to support our efforts, please donate to pay for gas and personal protective equipment. In addition, 10% of all donations will go to the Red Cross

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